Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Seal Sighting & MERR

Only 24 hours after my 5 hour MERR volunteer orientation and Seal Stranding Workshop did I sight my first Delaware Seal! If it was not for the workshop I still would have wondered what peered at me from Neptune's Depth. Was it human? Alive or dead? Lewes is rich with the Sea-Witch tales. Was this the Sea Witch herself greeting me?
I was at Cape Henlopen State Park, halfway between the Hawk Watch platform and Herring Point, walking along a calm shore-line, drinking in the sunshine. Then out of the corner of my eye, a dark watery and glistening face appeared. Only off ~ 30 feet, I saw a "wet-suited" head, with wide set eyes, and a pug-nose with chubby whiskered cheeks. The creature, stared me in the eyes, opened his mouth, and sniffed!
My training says: A Harbor Seal, and most likely a young'un.

Beach Blessings,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Lewes Yard Sale

Having sold my beloved Dewey Beach Cottage; I'm to be found these days in The City of Lewes! Not to worry.
****You can take the Girl Out of Dewey Beach but you Can't take the Dewey Beach out of the Girl! ****
Yet, I am having my moments of acclimation and culture adjustment.
Driving down Pilottown Road, I noticed a small homeowner's "yard sale" situated Canal-side. As I passed by, I slowed my vehicle even slower than the 25 mph speed. I looked at the articles; a wooden carved piece and an oriental rug....... and drove on. The owner was lovingly arranging the pieces.
Later I thought: drive by again! You need rugs! I drove by, slowed again and had sticker-shock. $300 to $400/each signs...... just made me laugh out loud, thinking: I'm in Lewes!
Yet, I mused: the Canal is a marvelous backdrop for a "town yard sale" and what fun it would be to bargain that $400 rug down to $75!

Beach Blessings,

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bethany Blues for Winter Friday Nights

I'm new to Winter Delaware! I adore it! With the "Tourons" vanished the locals are out -about, and at play. I am amazed to see the Midway Theater parking lot almost full! The same for the CHSP Herring Point parking lot which was empty in the AM but jamming for the PM surf session.
Friday night, near to 9 PM I got an invite to go out! We decided on Bethany Blues as the decor and menu speaks Winter. We followed the parking lot searchlight and arrived for Sydney's Friday Nite Jazz Session and a bite to eat..... sharing bowls of soup and dessert.
By chance we were seated in the "middle room" booth which was perfect for listening to the Larry Tucker's R&B party band but out of the bar crush. Stand up and peak around the corner and find front row stage viewing!
The location is Lewes but the crowd is so Dewey Beach!
Find me here, on Wintery Fridays.

Beach Blessings,

A Novice does DE Winter Birding

I hate the cold, but there I was at the Indian River Inlet, South Side joining the joint DOS and Sussex Co. Bird Club: Winter Sea Watch!
My only second time, Winter Birding in DE; I knew the first outing would be devoted to acclimation. What to wear? Five layers did it! Two layers saved me: my Nike wind-stopper running jacket worn underneath my 20 year-old JC Penny's purple full-length down coat. I wore two hat layers: skull cap and a Nepal wool/micro-fiber lined one.
My LLBean fleece-lined jeans and shearling-lined boots worked wonders but my hands and fingers were in trouble. I headed back to the car for my "hunting muff" with the pocket for a heater pad. Now that I was almost toasty-warm I headed to the group.
Everyone was in high spirits with high hopes of a rare spot or two. One of our leaders informed that complaining of the cold was not allowed and would be met with 40 lashes.
Why would I complain? I was surrounded by happy folks with $,$$$.$$ of optics with invites to look-see! My eyes did have a bit of trouble adjusting to: is that a scoter or is that the roll of the surf?
The high-hilarity bird moment of the day was a Great Black Back who snagged and swallowed almost whole a jetty rat and then proceeded swallowing ocean water to make it "all better soon"!
Two and a half hours later...... my toes started to chill and noon was upon us. All I could think of was lunch: hot lentil stew washed down with hot herb tea.

Beach Blessings,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Johnny Janosik and Saint Furniture

New Year's Day, in the late afternoon I was informed: "you will need to buy furniture sooner than you planned". I was to have skeleton furniture for my new Lewes Home! I was to have a bed to sleep on and a table and chair for dining!
A call to friends yielded up the camping basics: air mattress, sleeping bag, folding chair and table. This would be "it" until furniture would be bought and delivered!
January 2nd, I called up my courage and set out for Laurel's famous destination: Johnny Janosik! Five football fields plus of furniture not including the Clearance Warehouse!
I had a budget! Yet, I needed LOTS and LOTS of furniture. I love the challenge of buying a cute party dress for $12.00 that can be trashed after one season! Furniture, must be lived with for years on end. I determined to put the same shopping principals in play: only buy the clearance/closeouts, and only what is appealing, fun and versatile.
The Furniture Saint lead me by the hand and whispered the choices. Decisions came up from the depths. I had no other choice. I had no room measurements!!!!!
Delivery day was three days hence. Meanwhile I was terrified! Would the pieces fit the rooms? And yes, the furniture was placed and fit with just 1/4 inches to spare!
Saint Furniture, I thank you! Let's do it again! Afterwards, I'll take you to lunch!

Ta DA!