Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Venus's Beach-Pedicure: Metallic Wins!

Who else plans their beach pedicure colors weeks in advance? Memorial Day to Labor Day is the window for the Summer Indulgence Whim Colors!
At last I found a color combo that is gorgeous with my tan and defies the sand-abuse! Metal-ics!
I adore O.P.I. and found a pinky-bronze. Then I used their gold glitter top coat which picked up the bronze lighter-notes. Of course a top-coat followed.
Five weeks later there is almost no wear or chips!
Next round I'm going to look for the same theme but in Silver!

Beach Blessings,

Monday, July 18, 2011

Havadalah Service: Beach-Side

My Beach-life takes place at Cape Henlopen State Park a.k.a CHSP @ The Point and @ the Beach Pavillion/Hawk Watch. It's my spot. Thus when my community life joins me there; Life is Sweet! The occasion was to celebrate the end of Shabbat.
Our Seaside Jewish Community took over the Picnic Pavillion; we ate leisurely, timing the meal to end just before sundown, 8:15PM for the Havdalah Service.
Full of grilled steak, tabbuleh, and too many desserts we climbed over the now sand-dune covered WW11 Bunker to the Ocean Beach! A tight circle we became, with the children centered on their beach blankets....... thus the service began and ended with lots of singing.
Havdalah celebrates the senses: visuals of the lighted twisted candle and the coast-line, tastes of wine and salt air, the smell of the spice box and the salty-sea, hearing our voices in song and prayer and the waves crashing!
Afterwards, we had just enough time to see the Common Night Hawks catching their dinner above the pines and then take in the sunset over the Fishing Pier!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clear Space Productions: Chicago!

I looked forward to the 2011 Chicago production as soon as it was announced at the 2010 Annie Get Your Gun performance!
From Dewey Beach I hopped the Trolley and there I was! There was no 3-hour trek to Wash D.C. and then fight traffic and parking. After the performance ( I was so hungry) I found a quick dinner at the Boardwalk's Go Fish! Dinner was served in 5 minutes!
The $25/ticket is nearly a gift as this rendition matches any on NYC's Broadway! I say grab the performances at this price while you can because it is not a $25/ticket venue; the re-purposed church is at once graciously spacious and intimate.
Adult gritty-sexy-happy-vibe described the Clear Space's play signature. This was a perfect ensemble piece with all players and musicians assuming equal importance. But for the bows we could not stop ourselves from clapping wildly for our favorites.
I loved how the singing was thrown out almost casually; as a side show of the acting. Then when listening carefully you were stunned as if transported to a Broadway Theater!
And what's this about a Halloween Pirate show?! I'll be there in costume!

Beach Blessings,

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stango Park Concerts: Rain & Acoustics

Did you know if it is raining in Dewey Beach it might not be in Lewes?
All day I looked forward to the Lewes Library' Stango Park Concert: Chesapeake Brass Band! Despite the spitting rain I headed to Lewes hoping the skies would clear for the 7PM show-time. And it did! Later I learned that it continued to rain in Dewey Beach!
Amplification was OUT of the set-up. It would not do to electrocute our performers!
When did I last hear a concert without "amps"? After a few minutes of music I was reeling back in time...... to the '70's and earlier. Bird songs notes fell like glitter among the performers.
I could hear and almost taste The Music!
"Slow Music"........ as in the Slow Food movement.
"Amps" just make is Fast Food for the Masses Music.
As for this "Brit-styled" Band sporting superbly silvery sounds: they deftly handled John Philip Sousa's "Rehoboth Two-Step" ( who knew?!) to Duke Ellington's classics!
*Hope someone wiped the rain off the musician's seats before they sat down!

Beach Blessings,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running of the Bull: and find a Long Lost Cousin!

It is silly to try to ignore the Running of the Bull. I did so for years; but no longer. Learned my lesson, I did. I'm now a true believer! I wear my red swim suit and the Bud Light Bull Horns! The event swallows-literally the revelers and the town for the entire day! RTE 1 Traffic is messed-over all 9 miles to Lewes!!!!
Thus DELDOT invited themselves to the party to direct traffic and thus we had for the first time-ever an exact running-time of 2 PM! Showtime, Bully-Bully-Bull!
By my 10:30 AM arrival the party was in full gear. I planned my days 6-hour-party strategy; and found my patch of real-estate which I shared with a cute bouncer.
In year's past I never made it past the Running. This year: I swore my oath to attend the Matador & Bullfight!!!
The Matador arrived with his entourage! I peered into his face.
Good Lord, I recognized my own DNA! My long-lost Cousin!!!
Slobbery hugs and kisses ensued.
Thank you, Starboard!

Beach Blessings,