Monday, July 18, 2011

Havadalah Service: Beach-Side

My Beach-life takes place at Cape Henlopen State Park a.k.a CHSP @ The Point and @ the Beach Pavillion/Hawk Watch. It's my spot. Thus when my community life joins me there; Life is Sweet! The occasion was to celebrate the end of Shabbat.
Our Seaside Jewish Community took over the Picnic Pavillion; we ate leisurely, timing the meal to end just before sundown, 8:15PM for the Havdalah Service.
Full of grilled steak, tabbuleh, and too many desserts we climbed over the now sand-dune covered WW11 Bunker to the Ocean Beach! A tight circle we became, with the children centered on their beach blankets....... thus the service began and ended with lots of singing.
Havdalah celebrates the senses: visuals of the lighted twisted candle and the coast-line, tastes of wine and salt air, the smell of the spice box and the salty-sea, hearing our voices in song and prayer and the waves crashing!
Afterwards, we had just enough time to see the Common Night Hawks catching their dinner above the pines and then take in the sunset over the Fishing Pier!


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  1. Was this a one-time occurrence, or will it be repeated in the future?

    How can one attend?