Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Clear Space Productions: Chicago!

I looked forward to the 2011 Chicago production as soon as it was announced at the 2010 Annie Get Your Gun performance!
From Dewey Beach I hopped the Trolley and there I was! There was no 3-hour trek to Wash D.C. and then fight traffic and parking. After the performance ( I was so hungry) I found a quick dinner at the Boardwalk's Go Fish! Dinner was served in 5 minutes!
The $25/ticket is nearly a gift as this rendition matches any on NYC's Broadway! I say grab the performances at this price while you can because it is not a $25/ticket venue; the re-purposed church is at once graciously spacious and intimate.
Adult gritty-sexy-happy-vibe described the Clear Space's play signature. This was a perfect ensemble piece with all players and musicians assuming equal importance. But for the bows we could not stop ourselves from clapping wildly for our favorites.
I loved how the singing was thrown out almost casually; as a side show of the acting. Then when listening carefully you were stunned as if transported to a Broadway Theater!
And what's this about a Halloween Pirate show?! I'll be there in costume!

Beach Blessings,

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