Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running of the Bull: and find a Long Lost Cousin!

It is silly to try to ignore the Running of the Bull. I did so for years; but no longer. Learned my lesson, I did. I'm now a true believer! I wear my red swim suit and the Bud Light Bull Horns! The event swallows-literally the revelers and the town for the entire day! RTE 1 Traffic is messed-over all 9 miles to Lewes!!!!
Thus DELDOT invited themselves to the party to direct traffic and thus we had for the first time-ever an exact running-time of 2 PM! Showtime, Bully-Bully-Bull!
By my 10:30 AM arrival the party was in full gear. I planned my days 6-hour-party strategy; and found my patch of real-estate which I shared with a cute bouncer.
In year's past I never made it past the Running. This year: I swore my oath to attend the Matador & Bullfight!!!
The Matador arrived with his entourage! I peered into his face.
Good Lord, I recognized my own DNA! My long-lost Cousin!!!
Slobbery hugs and kisses ensued.
Thank you, Starboard!

Beach Blessings,

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