Monday, July 11, 2011

Stango Park Concerts: Rain & Acoustics

Did you know if it is raining in Dewey Beach it might not be in Lewes?
All day I looked forward to the Lewes Library' Stango Park Concert: Chesapeake Brass Band! Despite the spitting rain I headed to Lewes hoping the skies would clear for the 7PM show-time. And it did! Later I learned that it continued to rain in Dewey Beach!
Amplification was OUT of the set-up. It would not do to electrocute our performers!
When did I last hear a concert without "amps"? After a few minutes of music I was reeling back in time...... to the '70's and earlier. Bird songs notes fell like glitter among the performers.
I could hear and almost taste The Music!
"Slow Music"........ as in the Slow Food movement.
"Amps" just make is Fast Food for the Masses Music.
As for this "Brit-styled" Band sporting superbly silvery sounds: they deftly handled John Philip Sousa's "Rehoboth Two-Step" ( who knew?!) to Duke Ellington's classics!
*Hope someone wiped the rain off the musician's seats before they sat down!

Beach Blessings,

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