Monday, June 6, 2011

Hanging "At the Ropes" : Sweet and Bitter

Hang Time @ " The Ropes" @ The Point @ Cape Henlopen State Park ( aka CHSP) is my theater where the scene can be ultimately sweet or bitter as can be.
Setting the stage with my telescope I turned to see a SWEET Hip-Hop performance "just for me and the birds"! I thanked the performer and asked "What is Goin' On?"
The 49'ers were taping a music video and CHSP provided the visuals.
Sweet! My day was made!
Yet, the rope hang-time can be BITTER: when the Bad-Bad-BAD Birder/Kayaker knowingly and defiantly entered and cruised the Federally Protected Bird Nesting Reserve just to get a bit closer with his binos and camera.
I called the intruder description into the "system" who next time will be met by the Park Police.

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