Monday, June 6, 2011

Clear Space Productions @ The Lewes Library!

It takes A-LOT to get me off the beach! Yet, I did just this, on a Saturday, to enjoy the Lewes Library: Clear Space "An American Songbook" free concert.
Fresh off the beach, in sandy flip-flops, I brushed off the sand and pulled on a sun-dress. My hair was in a ponytail with the ends flying everywhere. I entered a room of ~ 30 looking to be Lewes residents all nicely dressed and ready for the show!
This was an hour production, but fully scored and scripted, but minus the intermission, the setting and costumes.
During the first song I settled in fast and happy.
Deeply touching but intimate was this bare bones setting. Even the hard seat chairs were perfect.
Hard seat benches! My body remembered: Ah ha, I was taken back to numerous Summer Concerts, held in similar settings at my beloved youth camp, Michigan's Interlochen Music Arts Camp.
I looked around..... I was the youngest attendee by far. I was certain I could ask each and everyone who came, and they would admit: I bet you loved Summer Camp!
Or for a moment we enjoyed what was a tiny moment in what could ultimately be "A Lewes Summer Music Arts Festival"!
The production was wonderfully sweet, lovingly performed and as touching as can be.
And yes, afterwards I pulled off the sun-dress, and happily returned to the beach!

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