Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bonfires: The Fire Within and Without!

My favorite activity is crashing Bonfire parties! After the first crash I'm told: You are Invited!
Thus you should have seen me whining when I asked: Will we have our Bonfire this Holiday? The Host's yellow labby puppy's litter mate showed up and they played non-stop while the adult humans tried to relax non-stop.
An "Until Death Dewey Party" 60-something member twice repeated her "it's a ritual" of throwing shovelfuls of fire-y and glowing coals into the sea.
The music was provided by a 30-something iPad owner!
The volume hardly competed with the crashing waves.
I yearned for a boom-box.
I yearned for a guitar sing-out!
I wondered if the iPad user ever did KNOW a bonfire with yelping kids and dogs, hot-dogs falling charred into the pit and burnt fingers from licking clean the burny-hot marshmallow smored- sticky-gooeyness?
iPad liefstyle does not match the above.
I wondered what was the first bonfire "techno-accompaniment? Radio?
Our crazy coal throwing party-goer got it right. The fire is without and needs to stay that way. Put out by the sea.
iPad fire within is ultimately without: life.

Beach Blessings,

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