Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Find the Music and the Music Finds You!

Without a doubt finding The Music keeps me going. The day starts with the bird-y Morning Chorus and by mid-day I'm in the midst of Shorebird Music .... more like noise... not exactly music.
Thus after Piping Plover Bird Police Duty off I went to the Lewes Library to take in the second free concert of the month: The Pegasus Trio. ~ 40 attendees delighted to the instrumental and vocal presentation which deftly played Classic, Romantic, original scores and original arrangements and Show Tunes!
We were so happy enjoying the music that we clapped after every movement.... heck we know better! But our enthusiasm could not be contained!
Later that evening, dressed a la '80's re-done for '11 in fishnet-capris and the biggest-ever disco-circle earrings attending The Party of Parties I danced the night away to the smooth Jazz original and cover tunes of The Comfort Zone!
Find the Music and the Music finds you .... and the party too!

Beach Blessings,

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