Thursday, November 18, 2010

Venus and Her Rip Curl Watch!

Today my beloved moon-like-pearl-face, Rip Curl Watch with Automatic Tide System analog Dials returned to me via FEDEX from repair with it's new battery and elegant but girly band.
This watch is so perfect for my beach life, that I forsook my cherished Rado of 20 years, and never looked for the Rado again until the Rip Curl without me headed to California for repair.
My Rip Curl is the only watch I wear at the beach: daytime and going out at night.
I always know the tide; I know where to head for the best beach/surf-action, and I know exactly where to place my beach chair!
I was nearly shaking from withdraw symptoms when opening the returned box. I had lived how many weeks without her on my wrist? I no longer at any time of the day could glance only to know: the tide-high/low, the tide range-highest of highs/lowest of lows, the Moon Phase! The MOON Phase!!!!!
Without my watch I was bereft and separated from a nervous-system connection to my beachy-universe. I still knew by heart and mind the date and current Moon Phase.... but not having the watch's visuals made me anxious and sad.
I bought the watch as I was tired of having a series of Timex's Triathalon Digital Watches drown and die from my swimming and beach life. I had no idea how the Rip Curl would become a gear of my daily beachy-gestalt and provide endless ticking moments of sheer joy.

Beach Blessings,

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