Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lewes Ghost Tour! Seriously Spooky!

It took me five years to get used to Lewes: as in not be overwhelmed by the 400 years of history compressed into it's ~ 4 square miles. Lewes comes by it's spookiness honestly.
For five years I experienced Lewes as "spooky". I adore Lewes and wish to be a full time resident, but when I leave the city confines I always feel a release of it's own narrative and happy to be back in the Wild-Wild-West A.K.A. Dewey Beach.
Halloween Weekend was perfect timing for me to do the Lewes Historical Society Ghost Tour! I was ready to learn the stories!
I already knew the sad story of the unknown sailors mass graveyard which resides and is now paved over in the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Passenger Parking Lot! Every weekend when I pass by on my way to Cape Henlopen State Park, I always say a "Shalom" for the souls.
Crazy excited I was to do the tour! I arrived early and waited on the bench while the sky went dark, and I was on my cell while listening to a Halloween poem! I was in the mood!
Our leader Russ Allen comes by the Ghost Tales by his work of surveying all of Lewes 32 church graveyards: ~ 7,000 gravestones! He had us in the palm of his hand for almost two hours as we walked .5 mile from the Lewes Ryves Holt House to the Cannonball House.
We hardly took a step without Russ pointing here and there with haunted happening tales. From Russ's tales, Lewes's Second Street is almost as populated with spirits as tourists!
The reoccurring theme is that all is well until a renovation takes place at which time the resident spirits make themselves known. Another theme was when a haunted house was sold the new owner would call the old owner for ghost tale confirmations. I guess ghost sighting are not required in the real estate disclosure documents!
We ended the tour at the Cannonball House while Russ announced that we were now standing in the most haunted room of the most haunted house in Lewes! As it turned out I unknowingly stood in the very spot where a past owner of the house died from a kitchen fire!
I hope next season Russ gives the "advanced tour"!

P.S.: Yes, I still think lovely Lewes is spooky!

Beach Blessings and Shalom!

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