Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dewey Beach Leaseholds...... Series 1.

2004, I changed my life. I was six years into "Boot Camp", all work and no play, and it was time to have fun...... not just once in a while, but every week!
Childhood Summer memories at Dewey and Rehoboth Beach prodded me to return and find the fun. Since I loved life at the beach as a sand-crab the theory was as an adult I would too!
Summer of 2004, I looked for my beach cottage. As a kid we rented lease-hold cottages on the beach block; as an adult I wanted the same experience.
Summer 2004, what a crazy real-estate market I came into! In my humble opinion the prices for fee-simple and lease-holds were beyond inflated.
I decided not to buy a price-inflated fee-simple beach property, and instead I wanted a property not more than three blocks from the beach; and the cheapest one would do just fine. Thus I bought my Rehoboth By The Sea Leasehold "Beachy Cottage", Second Block from the ocean.
I bought a life style. I found a community of over 300 property owners that did the same as myself.
The lease-hold is the same as buying a fancy vehicle or boat. The money is spent for pleasure and not as an investment.
Sometimes, I do call my beachy-cottage: My Beached Boat.
I am happy to be moored two blocks from the finest beach in Dewey!

Beach Blessings,

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