Monday, October 18, 2010

Jazz Fest 2010! Very Chill.

I so much wanted to attend a Rehoboth Convention Center Saturday Night Jazz Concert, but as I had heard the booked group at least three times before, I passed and decided to do the "non-official" venues.
Interestingly, I heard the same from other devoted Jazz Fest attendees: they always come for the weekend..... but wanted new performers, and they as well opted for the local scene.
Jazz Fest: spend the money $$$,$$$ and bring in new heart-stopping performers. We are all yearning for a repeat weekend as thrilling as the one with both Dionne Warwick and Queen Latifah!
I took in Dewey Beach's Cove twice: for the Friday Happy Hour and the Saturday Night 9 PM set.
The Happy Hour was a big happy crowd and Johnny Neel, was fine even if the sound was muddy. The mistake was that the group's sound tried to play to the entire complex; which is a somewhat awkward set up.
Saturday Night there was a $5.00 cover to see Fred Hughes Trio with Peggy Raley. This group got it right and played a "lounge-y set" to the dance floor. When Peggy Raley broke from the trio: they let loose and the crowd responded.
The Cove is successful when the music is "clubby" and plays to the dance floor.
Dewey Beach really hates a cover charge........ even if it is only $5.00. I think this subdued many who thought of attending.
I think the same might have happened for the Route 1, Bethany Blues $40 cover for a buffet and six hour jam session.
Many that I met at the Cove then went into Rehoboth to stroll the street and take in any venue that appealed. The odd favorite was non-Jazz Karaoke at The Purple Parrot!
Sunday Night, The Forgotten Mile's, Just In Thyme's, David Zipse review and final- jam brought in the core in-the-know musicians and local crowd. So funny as we pile into the bar where you can not see the musicians, but the tunes find their way in to the space just the same!
This was a chill-ax way to do the Jazz Fest....... and it was OK. Next year, Jazz Fest Producers: please make my heart go thump with a new line-up.

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