Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Fish: Local Time

How many times during the Summer did I want to dine at Big Fish and knew it would be an impossibly long wait, and thus opted instead to purchase fish from the market and make dinner at home? A-LOT!
Last weekend we had plans to dine at Dewey Beach's Scraps and at the last second opted for Big Fish. Yes, I thought: maybe we have half a chance to get in for dinner!
I headed in to get the table reservation, looked around at the crowd and was told the wait was 30 minutes..... and then thought to check out eating at the bar. I scored the three needed seats at the back of the house "secret" Tikki Bar.
The bartender confirmed my guess that this was now Local-Time! Time for the locals to enjoy their own town and get into the venues of choice.
I decided to try something I'd never prepare at home: split lobster stuffed with crab imperial! I did two sides of mashed sweet potatoes and stewed tomatoes. Gloriously gorgeous was the dish.
Big Fish is known for huge portions, but the 1/4th of a pie Peanut Butter Pie serving was gob-smacking! It was enough to serve 4 for a Birthday Party. So I sang out loud the song and the bar patrons who were downing champagne joined in!

Beach Blessings,

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