Friday, January 1, 2010

Dewey Beach 2010 Resolutions!

I do not make New Year's Resolutions but I do Beach Season Resolutions

*I will do The Running of The Bull and drink too! ;-)
* I resolve to leave the bars by 11:30 PM, enough time to enjoy but time enough for sleeping for AM beach-side hanging.
*To show up at 9AM in stead of 10 AM for my Bird Police Duties!
*Every original live music event, I'll be there!
*No more cover bands.  I will not be there!
*Eat out more often at places of my choosing!!!!!
*Clean the cottage less often!
*Put on mascara when "going out"!
*Remember to shave my legs!
*Not to care a wit about how I look in my bathing suit...... just ENJOY!!!!!!
*Swim and wave-jump until I have to float-in!
*Find more and more shorebirds and tiny passerines too!
*Do more sunsets at Cape Henlopen State Park!

Beach Blessings 2010!

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