Friday, January 8, 2010

What I remember Most!

As I fall asleep, my visuals flash to my Beach Season memories.
My body remembers even if my mind does not.
*Falling asleep on my canvas chair.... the beach vibrating sun's warmth and the wave action.  Flashes of blue and gold as I open my eyes to rouse and read my book.
*Peering into my binoculars, waiting, waiting, waiting, .......  for "Our Piping Plover Chicks" to make their appearance meanwhile scanning the dunes and bay with it's breakwater and LightHouses............. scanning for humans not allowed in the Federally Restricted Bird Reservation.
*A late-late afternoon with the slanting sun.... doing the above with my son siting at my side...... he complaining of the solace and wanting the action of Dewey Beach.
*Opal The Minke Whale's crash landing on the above mentioned beach.
*Floating on my back in the bay with no one, not a soul to watch me, and still I stayed out of the restricted area!
 *Running of The Bull I was awestruck: the Rte 1 traffic was STOPPED for 25 minutes!!!!!  The only sound was the revelers....... no traffic sounds!  
 *The sound of a dog peeing on my friend while he slept in his beach chair.... and my alarming squeal.
 *Bottle and Cork's Dark Star Orchestra's 45 minute set forever mixed in my brain with smells of beer, and wafting nicely showered and shampoo scents.
 *Starboard Labor Day Weekend squeezed and squeezed into the tiniest of bar space with a Maker's Mark shot sliding down my throat.
 *To-drool-for smells wafting from Dibonaventure's Provincial Bakery.  How to choose????
*At Port Mahon, my first of the season sighting of a Red Knot
*Red-Knots swirling and swirling flocks!
*Clickety-clack-clak sounds of mating mounds of Horseshoe Crabs and finding the tag!!!
*The noisey kick-kik sounds of thousands of Ruddy Turnstone's.
*My first bonfire on Broadkill Beach.
*The Swainson's Hawk flying in over our heads!
*Quiet drizzling times at the Hawk Watch....... sitting quietly all alone..... rewarded with Peregrine fly-overs.
*Spotting my 2 for 2 Wild Beach Amaranth!
*Summer House Party, Party, Party, and more Parties GALORE! The July 4th one my FAVORITE for the tight-tight quarters and everyone 1000% enjoying it all.. food, drink and friends!
*Arriving at Fantasy Trail in costume and being waved into the VIP parking lot!!!



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