Friday, November 13, 2009

Small Kitchen Stories: Warm Cottage: Split Pea & Pea Soup

This time of year if I was at the beach for a weekend...... and wanted to warm up myself and the cottage asap I'd make soup! 
Now that my beloved Fifer's Market is closed, the only choice left is to face Rte One shopping.  This recipe : One stop on Rte 1 @ the Giant does it all!
This is a serious list and not one of my thrown together meals. It took a lot of musing to figure this one out.  Goals: had to be: delicious, easy to throw together, budget-friendly, "hearty".

Olive oil to coat the pan  and then another small ladle-full
Onion, 1- minced
Garlic, 2 cloves- minced
Ground Turkey, Nature's Promise brand, 1 lb
Green Peas: Ok to use frozen..... but I use the fresh from the produce section.  Make certain the package looks very fresh!
Parsley, flat leaf, 1/2 bunch: minced
Red Sweet Pepper, 1-chopped
Carrots: small bunch: peeled and chopped.  I used the packaged peeled baby ones.
Organic Chicken Broth, 1 quart, Pacific brand
Split Pea Dry Soup Mix: Manischewitz brand: discard the seasoning packet: disregard the  directions for the water required.
Bay Leaf, small piece
White Wine, 1/2 cup
Water, 2-3 cups
Dillweed, Celery Seed, Black Pepper: to taste
Sour Cream: as a garnish

In a nice big comfy pot, add the olive oil to heat up.  Add in the onion and garlic.  Let it get some color.  Add in the red pepper.  Add in the ground turkey.  Brown up.  Add in everything else.  Cover and simmer 1 hour.
Maybe mash up a bit with a masher directly in the pot.
Garnish with the sour cream.

Major yummy-tummy.

Ta DA! 

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