Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Venus and Her Beach Makeup

Sometimes I get a notion to dive into my makeup and find my Summer look. In the past the make-up "dregs and mistakes" did beach time, but never happily. Venus confers a new life, new make-up and thus a new look.
Yet, what works in warm to hot weather with high humidity and still says: Beach Goddess?
Foundation? Not a chance. What is going to work with your ever growing tan and sun-kissed cheeks and nose? A tinted moisturizer can play nicely off what ever color your face has going on: from early season pale-white to late season golden tones.
Eye shadow and mascara: yeah, your eyes that are day-time hidden behind sunglasses want out, bring it on. But forget the smokey eye which looks like you just arrived from "downtown". Seashell shimmer tones work well and say the beach is your playground.
Lipstick: Hell, Yeah! With the big summer hat and sunglasses on what else is there to see? Corals to Pinks to Sandy Beige work wonders. I adore my reds, yet except for Formal State Occasions the reds speak of hard driven ambition and glory: and who cares you are; At The Beach!

Cape May-Lewes Ferry: Enjoy your Kids, not the Laptop.

We had a beautiful but windy day for the ferry crossing, Cape May to Lewes. I settled inside until I recovered from the excitement and thus the exhaustion of the last few days. Later I'd go onto the deck to wonder at the passage-views.
I love to situate myself to watch kids and dogs. I lucked out enjoying a sweet white doggie, a Coton de Tulear of Madagascar, and sitting opposite, a very cool Dad with his 5 and 7 year olds.
The very cool Dad immediately upon getting into the booth revved-up the laptop and put on a kid's movie. The children were quiet and enthralled with their movie.
I was not enthralled; but I did remain quiet. I did not go up to the very cool Dad and suggest the following.
Take your kids onto the deck! Watch Cape May, NJ behind us and at the same time see approaching Lewes, DE! Watch those Herring Gulls work the food-gig possibilities shooting up from the ferry's wake. Does not the Double Crested Cormorant look like a Dinosaur? Take in the breakwaters and the Lighthouses. Is it high tide or low? Will we scrape bottom or make it in?
Smell the scents of the bay-water, gulls, cooking galley foods, diesel fuel, moist air, and even the cigarette smoke!
Find the story!
Did Cape May ghosts hitch a ride and are sitting next to you?
How many sailors have seen what you see now?
Cool Dad: I implore you to show your kids the Natural World! Show them now before the Red Knots and Horseshoe Crabs disappear into extinction.
Show them now so they grow up to want to volunteer for Fish and Wildlife projects.
Show them now so they will take solace in this beautiful DE Bay!
Show them now and I doubt next time they will spend more than a few minutes watching the laptop movie.

Beach Blessings,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee, Tea, beach-walks, Dad & Me.

Early AM, Dad roused out of bed what ever kid he could to accompany him on outings of beach-walks, breakfast on the boardwalk, and a final stop to buy the paper, groceries and the day's fish.
I was sleepy, but I cooperated. Besides having Dad all to myself, the early morning walks yielded great beach-combing finds and a delicious boardwalk breakfast at The Henlopen Hotel.
We always had a table with an ocean view. How I happily remember walking in, seeing and smelling the sea of white starched cloth-covered tables, with white fat china pots full of the morning percolated coffee. Jam pots cluttered the table top.
Therein lies my "problem".
I'm a tea-drinker! Only estate-tea, hand-picked will do! I keep Assam, two types of Darjeeling, and a Ceylon on hand to do my daily blends. All night I await and look forward to my morning pot of tea.
Upon my return to the beach I did drink percolated coffee! It was delicious. The leftovers turned into iced-coffee was even better. This delight had to be given up upon my heart saying: no way.
Oddly, at the beach for me any type of British-style tea (excepting the herbals which I drink by the gallons), tastes "weak and off". I get by with "PG Tips" tea, two bags to a pot; sometimes doped-up with a smattering of loose Assam.
My only explanation is the above story where for me beach-side early mornings demand coffee.
Once in a great while in the morning I find myself near the ocean/bay and coffee! Once in a while I let myself have not even 1/4 cup with some milk. Glorious, glorious it is.
It is not me.
Yet, it is my youthful palette that never drank the coffee, saying a happy !YES! to youthful Summers gone by.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rehoboth Art League; Schroeder, Mom and Art Classes.

I returned to DE in Fall of 2004. So why did it take me until February 2012 to return to The Rehoboth Art League? I did make a few attempts to locate the Art League; I always got lost in the surrounding development of Henlopen Acres. There I spent many a happy afternoon taking art lessons and hanging with my Mom as she participated in the weekly Sketch Sessions. Certainly Howard Schroeder was teaching and participating. Her early 1962 Sketch Session painting of the nearby Marina hangs in my home. I remember watching my Mom paint this scene.
This very painting shows the "school influence" my Mom's work populated for nearly 50 years. I always assumed much of the painting's structure was her own genius. I never thought to find her influences.
The Howard Schroeder show drew me in, especially so since the gallery collection came from family members; thus showing a very intimate view-point. I was captivated and stunned.
Not only did I fall in love with his work, but I was gob-smacked to find my Mom's key teacher; even if on her part it was unconscious absorption.
Oh, how I wanted to purchase a painting or two! I have my eye on one.
I hope it waits for me and will grace my new Lewes home.