Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lewes and my Teapot Emergency

I am told that once a upon a time Lewes had it's own place to go and enjoy a pot of tea with tea-time refreshments.  Lewes with it's Victorian homes just cries out for taking tea or other stronger libations on these wrap-around porches.  Thus it seemed so perfect that my teapot emergemcy happened here, in Lewes.
  I prepared my morning tea in my 20 year old beloved Brown Betty pot.  She is just the right size for myself.  I always lovingy warmed her up before putting in my special hand blended ( by me ) tea and the boiling water.  In fact I look forward to the morning tea almost as soon as dinner the night before ends!
  I picked up the handle and I did hear the softest "whimper".  I set her down.  I picked her up again, and she was gone.  The handle broke off and left a sad  and mysterious looking hole.
  Although I have about a  dozen tea pots almost all are in storage and as well are too big for a small serrvice.
  The urgency to find my new teapot before the sunset was profound and could not be resisted!
 I determined I would only spend $12.00!
  Off to two thrift stores I went.  I did find a sweet Brit  teapot but marked at $25.00.  But  a lower price was not to be.  A new life, a better teapot was out there for me.
  Two stores later, four in all explored, there she was.  Sweetly decorated with Dogwood Blossoms, with a traditional Ming Dynasty form.
  Yes, she was $12.00!
 Relating this story to a dear friend who knows my lifetime tea-obssesion observed the above story is my perfect metaphor.  I am letting go of the old with great love and affection and seeking the new adored sustance and format for the future.
  Lewes, just ask me and we will do tea-time; anytime.

Beach Blessings,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Eggless- Rice Pudding with Ricotta Cheese

  This afternoon I was gifted with a small micro-waveable bowl of pre-cooked brown rice and a packet of dark raisins.
  My weekly shopping at Llyods always includes a small tub of rice pudding.  Ah, it was  time to make my own.
  This recipe is a re-do of a previously posted one.  But this time I use the above prepared rice and my beloved rice cooker.
  I was in shock as to how quickly the pudding came together to make it's plumpy texture..... and this time the recipe is egg-less.

In the Rice Cooker:

Simmer the raisins, milk, and a lump of butter.  Add in the microwaved brown rice.  Add in a handful of walnuts.  Add in a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Let simmer until the proper plumpy texture forms.  Add in a dose of sherry or some suhch libation.  Now turn off the heat and fold in a BIG ladle of ricotta cheese.  Pour into a lovely ceramic dish and cover with plastic wrap to cool.

Berries a top or a dried fruit compote would be lovely.

Beach Blessings,

Friday, December 14, 2012

Small Kitchen Stories: Cranberries and Pomegranate!

 This is a Tale of East Meets West.
  I was gifted a lovely Pomgranate and spent the required 20 minutes preparing it.  There was ony enough for one dessert bowl.  I needed enough for two!
  In the fridge I had some leftover homemade whole cranberry sauce.  Would it work to combine the too?
  This was a meeting of Middle East meets North East!  Or West Coast meets East Coast Bogs!  I contemplated the flavors before combining.  Compatible they would be.  But would the textures work?
  Combine I did!  Then I used it as a topping on sliced bananas.  Then just to make it even crazier East meets West I dolloped around the edges a ring of Eggnog!
  A truly lovely holiday dessert....... healthy too!

Ta DA!

Beach Blessings,