Sunday, February 6, 2011

Small Kitchen Stories: Rice Pudding with Ricotta

OOhhhh, what to do with that left-over rice? Make Rice Pudding! This is a stove-top recipe that goes together in a flash. Let the rice with the milk and raisins soak while you have breakfast and then cook it afterwards.
The Ricotta addition makes it taste very "Euro".

Rice Pudding with Ricotta

Leftover Rice: I had Jasmine.
Milk to cover the rice. I even added in some left-over Eggnogg!
Egg: beaten
Raisins: soaked in hot water. Add in some Marsala or Sherry if you wish.
(Honey or sugar is not required as the raisins add more than enough sweetness.)
Ricotta: Big Dollop

Soak the raisins in the Marsala/Sherry and boiling water to cover. After soaking; drain.
In a nice deep pan soak the cooked rice with the milk to cover. As well add the beaten egg. Soak while you have breakfast!
Add in a dash of ground Cardamom and the drained raisins.
Turn the heat on low and stir often until the rice pudding bubbles.
Turn off the heat and fold in a big dollop of the Ricotta.
Pour into a lovely ceramic bowl.

*I serve this topped and drizzled with a fig and orange compote.

Ta DA!

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