Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beach Sand & Mountain Snow

My six months of Delaware beach-side and ( legal) dune wandering does not translate well to scrambling Pennsylvania rocky trails.  Eight weeks after cottage-Winterizing, back "On The Mountain" and I am still trying to get my "trail legs".  
 Weekends I've favored flat trails.  My one adventure negotiating the rocky trail and summit of Waggoner's Gap Hawk Watch left me wondering why I left Delaware!
Fourteen years living at 1,200 feet and I am a flat lander, "sea-level" girl-at-heart still!
Perhaps because I first crawled beach-side as a "sand crab baby", I am hard wired for sand and water mobility and not rocks and boulders!
Delaware Fish & Wildlife Dune Surveys are the highlight of my Summer!  I get to legally wander the dunes in search of the endangered Beach Amaranth! Scorching sun or driving wind, I am still happy wandering the sand!  
In shoes or barefoot, on warm or cold sand, it is my medium. At Gordon's Pond and Delaware Seashore Park, walking along the low-tide shoals with the water just to my ankles, peering at the tide-pool life I am in my joy.  
This weekend's Snow Storm walk, I was almost comfortable again!  I pulled on thermal muck boots and walked and walked.  Slushing thru the 10-12 inches of snow I was almost on "sand".  Finding my balance, sinking-in, and leaving footprints............ snow is not sand..... but similar!

Mountain Snow and Beach Sand Blessings,


  1. Hi Dear Rachel
    FELIZ ANO NOVO! Beijocas de Elisabeth

  2. Hello, I just found your blog and am enjoying reminiscing. I grew up in Rehoboth and try to get back a few times each summer. It makes me happy and a little wistful to read your posts. This summer coming up will be the first without my now ex boyfriend there at the beach, so that will be hard.

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