Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Town of DE!

This would never happen in my Big State of Pennsylvania.
My Sunday plan was to Bird at Prime Hook Preserve. Hey, I got there early....... @ 9AM! I smiled as I saw the parking lot was full of vehicles. So where were the birders who started at 7AM?
We quickly found each other. The monthly Sunday group of ~ 20 was led by our very own Rob Schroeder who had been hailing me since the moment I pulled into the parking lot.
I pleaded to join the group and into a truck I went for three wonderful hours of birding. I broke into tears when again I was amidst my favorite Shorebird Crew!
Delaware is a little town. All of IT!
Try doing this in Pennsylvania....... it would never happen. Even if you found yourself at a State Park birding and there was another bird group....... the parks are too big to "run into each other" and who in the group would even know me.
Delaware Knows My Name!


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  1. Me! Me! Of course I would know your name! Janet.