Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kitchen Clean Out: A New Life!

Last year I determinedly sorted thru all my clothes; both old and new. What I was left with revealed the old life gone and the new life gained; my Beach-y Life!
But I never would have guessed that this year's Big Task of cleaning and re-organizing every Kitchen nook and cranny would reveal the same.
A life-time ago I had a baking life! Rustic Italian Breads, and 1800's Era English Scones was a weekly pursuit. Beautiful handmade baskets once used for rising the dough now are used to house produce.
A life-time ago my stove-top saw multiple pressure cookers churning out big soups and stews. The cookers are now sadly decimated and in the shed waiting disposal.
The 15 year-old electric Wok died; but I think a new small one is worthy for Small Kitchen Stories.
What is new? It is not so much what is new as what I have shed. Cooking now is given over to less energy use in pursuit of quick delightful meals. The oven is only used in cold weather when it is time to indulge in seasonal "comfort foods".
My adored Bosch Mixer still sits on the counter, but is rarely needed. Instead of using the "chopper": I enjoy the time prepping with a knife!
Daily kitchen life is now: grilling with the Pannini Press, sauteing, rice made in the fancy "R2-D2" noise-making cooker, lovely ceramic bakers for baked fish or chicken legs, covered casseroles for steamed vegetables, and pretty little bowls for sliced fruit.
Small Kitchen Stories: I'm happy to be at your table.

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