Sunday, November 27, 2011

Small Kitchen Stories: Oatmeal-Yogurt Pancakes.

Sunday mornings I crave a special breakfast with a minimum of fuss. My body no longer does well on traditional pancakes or French Toast, yet that is what I wanted! I wanted that buttery crispness followed by drafts of my own Assam/ Darjeeling blend tea!
As I woke up I remembered a South India recipe I lived on in my vegetarian youth: Oatmeal-Yogurt Pancakes a.k.a Diliya Dosa. Ah, my minimal but well stocked pantry could provide! All I needed was the quick cooking oatmeal and Greek-style Yogurt! I even found a jar of Ginger Chutney!

Serves Two.
Quick Cooking Oatmeal Flakes: ~ 1/2 cup
Greek-Style Yogurt: ~ 1 cup. *It is important to use the Greek-style Yogurt.
Ginger Chutney: 1 teaspoon
( Minced Onion and fresh Ginger would be nice for a brunch or light Supper ).
Butter: the real stuff!

Add the Oatmeal Flakes into the Yogurt to get a thick consistency. Add in the Chutney. Let this mixture sit 5 minutes or even overnight!
To a skillet add in a big tablespoon or two of the butter and heat until bubbling. Add in small tablespoons of the mixture. Pat it with the back of the spoon to make the round pancake.
On each side saute until nice and brown.
Serve on heated plates with a side of the chutney or even maple syrup!

Ta DA!
Beach Blessings,