Monday, October 24, 2011

Clear Space's Pirate Coast & Dewey Moment in Rehoboth

How excited was I counting the days to see Clear Space's: The Pirate Coast featuring Captain Kidd and his Treasure????
Yes, I was that excited !!!!!
I had it on my schedule for a full month! What an easy evening's planning this would be! The shows run every half hour for all of $5.00 for man, woman, child or ghoul! Afterwards we would find a suitably "boardwalk" dinner. Oh, and we could drive in and find a parking space too!
As I was on my way, I was giddy and singing: Yo HO! Yo HO! The Pirate's Life for ME!
I do NOT do scary and since it was advertised as "not suitable for 4 years old and under": I thought I was home free! Nope. It was Scary & Chaotic Silly-Hilarity for a fast paced 25 minute show.
As soon as we were gathered in the dark anteroom: the misty-mist swirled and we were introduced to the play. With high hopes of making it thru alive and well, we then entered the main theater and became part of the Captain Kidd and his Pirates a la "Slap Stick" a la 1600's period show.
We left the theater absolutely breathless and wanting to do it again!
Then we rounded the corner looking for dinner and bombed into Nicola's. The place was packed and for two people the only table was the "stagey" boat shape one, up two steps and almost a stage itself as it looks out on the restaurant floor and the street scene! Perfectly fitting into the evening's theme-fun!
Having Settled into the table: Dewey Comrades bombed into the restaurant: saw it was packed: saw us: and then piled into our huge table!
Come One, Come All! The Pirates Life for ME!
Yo HO!